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Online Services

Very few people these days, are without an IOS or Android device in their hands.  Beat the queues with our food & drink ordering service direct from our website.


If you don't have a debit/credit card or Paypal, don't worry, you can always order and pay by cash, just like anywhere else when you arrive. It's as easy as 1-2-3!


Aswell as being able to place food and/or drinks orders on the go, ready for when you arrive, for your added convience, you can book your favourite table too.  If you're a regular customer, we'll pre-book it for you!


Our fully integrated table booking software is simple to use!

We know that everybody nowadays is always on the go! There never seems to be enough minutes in the days to get everything done!


It's for these reasons that we have introduced an innovative new approach to dining out, having a quiet drink, socialising with friends, a romantic liasion or being entertained on a night out.


Gone are the days where you have had to stand in queues, waiting to be served your favourite after mission tipple, and sitting at a table starving, wondering where food is!


Who likes sitting  for  20 minutes to ½ an hour for food to arrive to the table, sometimes longer? No one!  Which is why  at AirLock 9 there's little or no waiting, with our fully integrated ordering service.

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