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Why Advertise on Radio ...

Our Advertising Fact Pack

We're going to give you a lot of information on why its good to advertise on Radio, which is why, for convience, we've put all the links you need in the footer; stick with it!  It'll be worth in the end ..... 


If you're a business owner, you know what a constant struggle it can be - like a never ending tug-of-war.  There's always something placing demands on your time - inventory, personnel, paperwork, taxes, you name it. Most business owners are so busy just keeping things running, they have little or no time to devote to the one thing that can make adiference in their business - advertising and marketing. OK, that's two things, but the two are closely related.


When things are busy, advertising and marketing are typically overlooked. If you're doing plenty of business, you don't need any advertising, right? And when things get slow, just keeping the lights turned on seems far more important than sitting down and taking the time to develop an effective advertising and marketing plan. It's far too easy to just say "let's put an ad in the newspaper", without considering whether that's the right choice.


For many small businesses, Radio is actually a far more affordable and effective advertising media.  Nothing can beat the impact of a well-written (i.e., motivational) radio ad, coupled with frequent exposure. Unlike newspaper ads, Radio ads are more than just ink on paper. And unlike TV ads, the audience isn't in the bathroom when your commercial airs.


Radio advertising can help your business generate more traffic, generate more sales and increase your profit.  And isn't that why you're in business in the first place?