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If you don't know what AirLock 9 is from the theme running throughout our website, then let us tell you .....


AirLock 9 is based on "Deep Space 9".  The third incarnation of the hugely popular and highly successful Star Trek franchise.  If you don't know what Star Trek is ......then where have you been hiding!!!


DS9 is a "Cardassian" Space Station jointly operated by the Federation and the Bajorans. It sits at the entrance of the only known stable wormhole which leads to the Gamma Quadrant.  DS9 is home to various species and various businesses, one of the most known is "Quark's".  Quark is a "Ferengi", a species most notable for their insaitable appetite for profit and underhand dealing.  Quark is the owner and operator of Quarks, an eating and drinking establishment, he runs with his brother Rom.


We have borrowed  this premise from the relm of science fiction and made it a reality!

And, because AirLock 9 is themed on Star Trek, the interior has been furbished in such a way as to resemble "DS9" from the show.  Our staff are dressed as characters from the show; all the servers wear Starfleet uniforms, the bar staff are dressed as Ferengis and the door staff, as Klingons.  We also have some actors to play "hosts" also dressed as various characters to entertain customers.


We're going to be dressed up, so why don't you?  You are all very much encouraged to come dressed up as your favourite characters from the silver screen or small screen, there are  prizes and special offers for the best dressed!  Bring the kids along, they'll love it!


So get yourself, your friends and family down to AirLock 9, you won't be disappointed and you'll be guaranteed a great visit!  Just click here to find us!